Welcome to

The Secret

Sherry Society

An exclusive club of private members

united by passion and taste


In a small corner of Andalucia, underneath the Spanish sun. The finest grapes are hand picked to create an elegant wine with delicate complexity. Oak aged to perfection with passion and dedication. Creating Sherry, a centuries old secret begging to be discovered.

A closed company of

cultured connoisseurs


Each quarter we select only the finest, most exceptional Sherries and make them exclusively available to our members.


Through private tastings, dinners, events and annual trips to Jerez we discover the ancient secrets of our treasured wine.


With a fixed capacity we create a small group of true
experts. The eminent members of the Secret Sherry Society.


The Secret Sherry Society is launching presently. The exclusive founding membership is only available to early birds. Apply today.


The Secret Sherry Society

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